Areca Leaf Plates

Areca Leaf plates are commonly known as Areca Plate / Areca Palm Leaf Plates / Palm Leaf Plates. We are one of the well-known manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of areca leaf plates

Zion Eco Products trading in the name of Federal Logistics provides you with 100% natural products without causing any harm to the natural environment as we develop all our products from the fallen leaves of Areca tree. These products are fully healthy and are prepared in a eco- friendly procedure with absolutely no added additives or chemicals. Our products are also easily disposable by means of effective composition and biodegradation.

We are highly focused on your needs and have created our products in an eco-friendly manner accordingly. We consider customer’s satisfaction as the first priority and thereby produce extremely innovative products for enhancing the delight of our clients. Our products are quite reliable and are of superior quality with high level affordability which automatically enhances our competitive strength.


India has abundant Areca Palm Trees. These Areca Palm trees are cultivated for "Betel Nuts" which is chewed and is used in making Pan. Each Areca Tree sheds 10 to 15 leaves every year. These Leaf Sheaths which naturally fall from the trees are collected from the Areca Farms and transported by truck to our factory.
These dry Areca Leaf Sheaths are soaked in water and throughly cleaned using brushes to eliminate the sand. The leaves are then arranged to drain the water.
These leaves are then pressed in the moulds of various sizes and attractive designs according to the demand-requirements. .
These plates are then packed as per customer requirements and kept safely.


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The Plates and Bowls are Shrink wrapped as 10 pieces per Shrink with one Silica Gel packet in each pack. They are then packed in Carton boxes as per customer requirements. Before packing, the plates are segregated for quality and the edges are neatly trimmed.